About us

The Morattab Manufacturing Industrial Group is an Iranian automobile company founded on October 07,1957 and registered under the name of Land Rover Factories and as a sales representative of Rover Automobiles at the Tehran Industrial and Commercial Property Office.

Production and assembly of the company officially began on 1962. The companies began collaborating on the production of three types of seven-seat,half-ton pickup, one-ton-pickup as Land Rover type.

It became a privately owned corporation on 1971 and a public corporation on 1975. After the revolution on1979 in Iran,The Morattab participation by the Revolutionary Council was declared national.

The company had been supplying its own assembled automobile parts exclusively from Rover until 1981, but due to Iran’s embargo, it had purchased the auto parts from Santana, Spain, from 1981 until 1991.

After-sales service was provided by the company directly until 1997, but due to the wide range of manufactured products and also because it seemed necessary to improve the quality of service and to satisfy buyers, on 1997 The The Morattab khodro company was established and all the authority in the field of primary service, warranty service and the supply of spare parts for the production cars was given to the company.

In February 2003, with the opening of the MUSSO product line, a modern vehicle equipped with advanced systems and meeting all world standards, the responsibility of the company was further enhanced and with revised to the previous organization and equipped and completed its headquarters for service Prepared for MUSSO car buyers.

The design and production project of the PAZHAN V6 was launched in 2003 with the aim of maintaining and improving the capabilities of the pazhan car and The vehicles were immediately covered by the Morattab khodro company so that users of the car would be able to obtain warranty service and spare parts throughout the country through authorized dealers.

Since the end of 2010, with the commissioning of the assembly lines of the G5 and GX5 vehicles as well as the HEROR (new Pazhan) by The Morattab industrial group, the Morattab khodro company has also come up with a comprehensive plan to provide superior and optimal service for Customer satisfaction began its service to these products.

Since 2018, The Morattab khodro Company has been providing its after-sales service to the newest product of the Morattab industrial Group, marketed under the name of BISU T3